Email marketing

Act! emarketing delivers easy-to-use email marketing, social media marketing and contact management solutions to micro and small businesses. Find out exactly what happened after your email was sent, including open rates, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, social shares and more in easy-to-analyze graphs and detailed reports. Use learnings to continuously hone your messages. These powerful solutions are delivered directly to businesses or white labeled for corporate partners who provide digital solutions to their small business customers.
  Social media marketing

Expand your marketing message's reach, and increase your efficiency by broadcasting and tracking with social media marketing tools. Vastly expand your audience using social sharing features and automatically post your email to your Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn® pages. Ask your recipients to help spread your message to their social networks by adding social media sharing to your email footer.
  Contact management

Manage and build your list online for easy access, and know more about your contacts to ensure successful targeting and follow up interactions. Save time from meticulously analyzing reports and instead zero in on the hottest leads with a contact call list. As your contacts open and click on your emails, a score is assigned to each contact based on the actions they took with those emails. You can see a ranked and qualified list of who you should follow up with first—viewable right from the contact record.

Reach Your Contacts
Swiftpage gives you the tools to create beautiful email templates, send directly from your database and track your messages. You can also schedule to send, or choose to send as a different user or the record manager of each contact.

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Grow Your Database
Surveys and Web Forms from Swiftpage allow you to gather valuable information and map your survey responses directly back to specific fields in your database.

  • Surveys and Web Forms


Qualify Your Leads
Swiftpage creates a ranked Call List of the most interested contacts based on your email
recipients’ interactions with your message. The Marketing Results Tab tells your sales team who to call and what to talk about in one view.

  • Swiftpage Call List 
  • Marketing Results Tab
  • Email Tracking


Automate Your Business
Swiftpage Drip Marketing gives you the ability to create a sequence of messages that are automatically delivered to your ACT! contacts. Set up an Autoresponder emails to automatically contact your survey respondents when they complete your surveys. And with Drip Marketing Autoloader survey respondents are automatically loaded into a Drip Marketing Campaign.

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  • Autoresponder
  • Autoloader
Buell & Associates is a an ACT! Certified Consultant and a Swiftpage E-marketing consultant and trainer.