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Fully compliant

Capture meeting notes, phone call information, administrative tasks (such as notices, reminders, letters, and more), and outbound and inbound e-mails.

Track time you invest into a client

ROTI (Return On Time Invested) tells you how much time has been spent with a client and matches this with the commissions received, calculating the client's value in relation to the time spent

Powerful tracking

Track living benefits, life insurance, investments, fees for service, and group insurance. Support for capturing multiple policies per client. You'll never miss a beat, even as data evolves.

Fields for the financial industry

Personal data fields for client and prospects. Includes date of birth, social insurance number, driver's license numbers, multiple address fields, and more.

Accessing files is a click away

Link important documents to ACT! Contacts, households, or companies and enable staff to increase performance while delivering better service to customers. 

Quickly target contacts

With a few mouse clicks you can target certain groups within your contacts database. Build in e-mail and letter templates are available for marketing and servicing your clients.
Advisor Pricing and Orders (click here

Capture households and companies

Households and companies are separated so you can capture data unique to each. For households, you can maintain a record for each member, their relationships, and more. For companies, have all of your carriers at your fingertips, track all the trusted advisors of your clients, and capture group insurance policies for the companies you deal with.

Simple address managment

Custom address container for easy mail merging, labels, and envelopes. The mail label will also reflect the naming convention for the client and their spouse (respects independent last names).
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